Since 2021, Ivoclar Vivadent's flagship 664 kW rooftop solar array at its global headquarters in Amherst, NY, has been a beacon of sustainability, seamlessly integrated into their ambitious environmental management system. Since 2019, Ivoclar has been meticulously tracking greenhouse gas emissions and optimizing operational processes to reduce their carbon footprint. As an integral part of this initiative, the solar project offsets 532 metric tons of carbon annually, generating more than 60% of the electricity usage of the plant, and serving as a strategic buffer against rising utility costs. Overcoming challenges like multiple roof types and limited space, the project utilized innovative solutions such as flush mount S5 clamp-based racking and an east-west facing flat roof system to accommodate a system with 35% more capacity than a traditional setup in the same amount of space. Despite structural obstacles, creative redesigns ensured completion within budget, allowing the system to be energized in just less than a year, securing Ivoclar a crucial 2021 income tax credit. This achievement underscores Ivoclar Vivadent's dedication to sustainability and collaborative spirit, marking it a major milestone in their green journey.