Buffalo Solar’s Pledge of Quality and Confidence

Beyond the Standard

Buffalo Solar’s Infinilux Assurance is not just a warranty—it’s a commitment to excellence. This exclusive Lifetime Panel Warranty is our way of ensuring that your solar system performs at its peak, long into the future.

Lifetime Panel Warranty

Our installation expertise enables us to offer a lifetime guarantee on the solar panels—ensuring they remain operational for as long as you own them, at no additional cost.

15-Year Comprehensive System Guarantee

While the panels are guaranteed for life, we also cover the rest of the system for 15 years. This includes the inverter, mounting hardware, and all associated electronics, offering you a level of security that is significantly more robust than what is typically provided.

Superior Coverage

In an industry where warranties can vary, Buffalo Solar sets a new standard by providing coverage that is more than double the duration of many conventional warranties. Our lifetime warranty on panels and a 15-year warranty on the entire system ensure that your investment is protected for a substantially longer period.

Your Partner in Sustainability

Choosing Buffalo Solar means opting for a partner that believes in the quality of their work. With Infinilux Assurance, we’re not just installing a solar system; we’re delivering peace of mind for a lifetime.