Garrett Leather

Nestled in Cheektowaga, NY, Garrett Leather's headquarters shines brighter than ever with its newly installed 155 kW solar array, a testament to their commitment to sustainability and savvy business acumen. While leather crafting was their focus, our team illuminated the possibilities of solar energy, showcasing its potential to revolutionize their operations. With estimated operational savings soaring to $672,000 over 25 years, a return on investment five times the net project cost, a speedy 5.6-year payback period, and a 17.6% IRR, Garrett Leather was quick to embrace the solar project. Despite initial aspirations for a larger installation, roof assessments revealed limitations, leading to the development of a tailored 155 kW ballast-mounted system covering 52% of their electricity needs. This redesign proved to be a game-changer and eliminated the need for costly structural alterations. Despite navigating utility hurdles and wintry installation challenges, the project's completion within budget and on schedule underscored its success. Beyond financial gains, the environmental impact is equally striking, with an annual carbon offset equivalent to removing 611 gas-powered vehicles from the road. This project embodies the fusion of sustainable innovation and business acumen, setting a shining example of responsible corporate stewardship in our shared quest for a greener tomorrow. It's an investment that benefits both Garrett Leather's bottom line and the planet we share.