Alfred Community Solar

Nestled in the picturesque valley of Alfred, New York, near the idyllic Phillips Creek State Forest, lies a shining example of community-driven sustainability: a 199 kW crowd-funded community solar farm. Conceived by a local couple, Walter Mason and Lee Kesse, this grassroots endeavor was born from their deep-rooted love for their hometown and a shared vision of clean, accessible energy for their community. Overcoming more than two years of challenges, including site changes, financing and utility hurdles, they persevered, fueled by their determination to make a difference. Their efforts made history with the securing of a USDA REAP grant-the first ever awarded to a community solar project in New York State-reimbursing a quarter of the total project cost. Since its activation in January 2023, this solar farm has become a beacon of sustainability, boasting more than 30 proud owners from the Alfred community, each reaping the benefits of its clean energy output. Thanks to the inspiring dedication of Walter and Lee, Alfred shines a little brighter, powered by the collective green vision of its residents.