Buffalo Felt

Buffalo Felt, a division of Brand Felt Group, shines as a leader in sustainable practices within the felt product manufacturing industry. Their journey towards eco-conscious operations for their New York division began with a decision to relocate from West Seneca to a Lackawanna building they owned. In early 2022, they reached out to us, seeking to harness solar energy to power their new facility. With meticulous planning and a keen eye on future needs, we designed a robust 210 kW solar array capable of offsetting both current and anticipated future energy demands, factoring in the addition of new machinery. Interconnected to three separate meters, this project was a feat of engineering, completed within 6.5 months despite the unexpected challenges presented by 2022's Christmas blizzard, which dumped almost 4 feet of snow on Lackawanna in less than days and shut down the entire region for a week. After the snow-laden chaos subsided, the owner of Brand Felt Group's surprise appearance at the final walkthrough was a heartwarming moment, marked by gratitude and hugs as he expressed appreciation for our dedication to his project. With projected annual savings nearing $30,000 and a staggering $800,000 in lifetime net operational savings, this solar investment is poised to pay dividends, both financially and environmentally, for Buffalo Felt, embodying their commitment to sustainable practices and mindful stewardship of resources.