Designing and engineering a commercial solar project involves several critical steps to ensure its success.

Below is a comprehensive guide that Buffalo Solar follows:


Preliminary Assessment

  • Together we will identify project goals, budget, and timeline with our customers.
  • Buffalo Solar will conduct a site assessment to determine solar potential, shading, available space, and infrastructure.


PV System Sizing

  • We will finalize the PV system size based on your energy consumption and generation requirements. We will consider factors like local weather conditions, orientation, and tilt for optimal performance.


Project Layout, Equipment Selection, and Site Planning

  • Buffalo Solar will develop a site plan indicating panel and equipment placement starting with a helioscope. We will select the appropriate solar panels, inverters, and balance of system components. We will consider aesthetic, environmental, and zoning constraints when designing your system.


Electrical Design

  • Our Engineers will develop a detailed electrical design, including wiring diagrams and system architecture. They will ensure compliance with local electrical codes and standards and always consider safety features and measures.


Cost Estimating

Our Discovery Analyst will prepare a detailed cost estimate, including equipment, labor, permits, and contingencies.They will consider financing options and incentives.


Production Modeling and Savings Analysis

  • Our Discovery Analyst has created a solar modeling tool to estimate energy production under various conditions. We are able to  analyze potential energy savings and return on investment (ROI).


Equipment Load and Runtime Analysis

  • Buffalo Solar will assess the load profile of the facility to determine your system's compatibility. We will analyze equipment runtime to optimize system performance.


Structural Analysis

  • A structural analysis will be conducted by a licensed engineer  to ensure that the building or ground can support the solar array. They will take into consideration wind, snow, and seismic loads.


Interconnection Process with Utility

  • Buffalo Solar will coordinate with the utility company to ensure compliance with interconnection requirements. Buffalo Solar will submit all necessary documentation and applications.


Planning Review and Permits

  • Buffalo Solar will obtain all necessary permits, including building, electrical, and environmental permits. Buffalo Solar will coordinate with local planning departments to ensure compliance with zoning regulations and even attend town board meetings on your behalf.


PILOTs (Payment In Lieu Of Taxes) and Decommissioning Plan

  • Buffalo Solar will work with local authorities to establish PILOT agreements if applicable. We will develop a decommissioning plan outlining the process for removing and disposing of equipment at the end of its lifecycle.